Published by VG Press
Reviewed by Dennise Sleeper

"Vampire Royalty: Resurrection" is the second book in the "Vampire Royalty" series. Like Valerie's first book, "Vampire Royalty: The Rebellion", this second book is sure to keep you glued to your seat. Each page almost turns itself as the reader becomes entangled in the worlds of the porphyrian-vampires and the diurnal-the human race; especially the world of Andrew Gabriel, Marquis of Pembroke. Flashbacks to the past greatly show what shaped Andrew into who he is today. Events of the present bring out his strengths as he tries to save his loved ones, his dreams, and the prophyrian people. So get comfortable and curl up with your next book...

This is another well written, fast-paced book by Valerie Hoffman. Valerie has shown how difficult it can be for a foreigner to integrate him or herself into society. The need of blood by the porphyrian people, with some turning to humans as their source, has made them a feared and, through annihilation tactics, an almost extinct sub-race. An ancestor of Andrew's created an enzyme drink made from the blood of non-domesticated animals. This drink and the ability to assimilate into the diurnal society have allowed the prophyrian to repopulate. Fear of the vampire was becoming a myth of the past. This drink and the Foundation have given the prophyrian hope of continued co-existence and continued growth of their race here in the United States.

Andrew and his wife, Victory, can settle down and begin their new life together. Craven Maxwell, Andrew's diabolic half-brother, is dead and Victory gives birth to a beautiful girl they name Laural. Andrew and his best friend, Jordan Rush, Earl of Rockford, work together to build a foundation created to help the porphyrian integrate themselves into the diurnal society in the United States. Most prophyrian are found in Europe, with many still hiding from the fears of the past. The past behind them and the future looking bright; what could go wrong?

Now, eighteen years later, Laural is a busy adolescent balancing school, her home life, and her obligations to the Foundation. She struggles through the social aspects of school as any aristocrat's child might because of her inherited social status. Her mother's knowledge of diurnals has greatly helped convince Andrew to allow some liberties with his daughters' choices as she receives occasional taunts from her peers. However, Victory's latest nightmares concern even Victory into wondering if she should allow her daughter some of the liberties that have been given. Laural spends her after school hours at the Foundation, with her cousin Dana Maxwell, daughter of Craven and fiancée of Jordan, learning how Willow Grove Foundation functions. Laural is also just learning what it means to be porphyrian as she matures and small manifestations of her future abilities begin to emerge confusing and exciting her. She is finally going to learn what it means to be porphyrian, but does she really want to know? Andrew now promises to teach Laural the history of the porphyrian, but this lesson comes to her at a high, frightening cost.

The prophyrian world is once again rocked. Andrew, having just closed the deal on the horse of Laural's dreams-soon to be her birthday present, is taking her home to a celebration dinner put together by Victory when the past of the porphyrian comes back with a vengeance. Murder, self-induced coma, scandals all the way to the top, manipulation, accusations-some with merit, all face Andrew, his family, his friends, and the Foundation. Andrew is forced to re-examine his beliefs, his desires for his people, and who and what he truly is as their leader. While handling one problem after another, Andrew learns what the ultimate sacrifice is for his family, his friends, and his people.