Vampire Intrigue At Its Finest
by Krystle Hackett

Is it possible that readers can identify with immortals? Let alone believe that they can actually fall in love? Anne Rice made us believe in vampires and the many issues that plague them, however Valerie Hoffman has taken it to a new level by illustrating that they can actually can fall in love.

In her first book Vampire Royalty: The Rebellion, Valerie Hoffman successfully spins a tale of intrigue and deception that encapsulates diurnals (humans) and porphyrians (vampires). She introduces vampires as a sub-species, afflicted with a debilitating genetic disease which brings about sensitivity to light, acute hearing and all the many folkloric characteristics attributed to the mythical beast. This is ingenious as it humanizes porphyrians and makes them more real.

Reminiscent of Lestat and Louis in Anne rice’s Interview with the Vampire, Craven Maxwell and Andrew Gabriel, the protagonist and antagonist will appeal to readers. They illustrate that within all races there is good and evil. Set in future Washington DC, Craven’s quest to unlock the secrets to porphyrians and his disdain for diurnals culminates in his diabolical plot to hold the most powerful position in the world, President of the United States. But it does not stop there, as his ultimate plan that is so forbidden drives the plot, making this novel so suspense driven that you have to remind yourself to take a breath. But it is worth it in the end.

Overall Hoffman has given us a masterpiece that is deliciously entertaining and incredibly riveting, filled with real characters and a plot that is fantastical yet realistical. Vampire Royalty grabs you by the throat but most importantly by the heart. It is a must read for all fans of vampire lore. I can't wait for another book in the series.