Hoffman gives readers another installment in her Vampire Royalty series, and it's a keeper. With a strong storyline, likeable characters and a surprise ending that you don't see coming, you'll stay up late to finish this one. Newcomers will find it benificial to check out previous series offerings.

SUMMARY: Twins Andrea and Jordana Rush are not only beautiful parphyrians, They're successful college students as well. Jordana has a fiancìé and aspirations to become a television evangelist, and Andrea is studying to become a history professor. But their lives are turned upside down when tragedy strikes.

Then Jordana is invited to go with her mentory, David Joseph Show, to Romania for a World Peace Conference, and Andrea gets the OK to come along to work on her doctoral thesis. Trouble follows the two abroad, resulting in several deaths, a strange new romance and the discovery that their family may be related to Elisabeth Báthory, the Blood Countess. Nothing can prepare them, though, for the worst that is to come. (VG PRESS, Aug 340 pp. $11.95)