Travel through history with Andrew Gabriel, his close friends and his descendants as the hidden truths behind the Gabriel family’s origins are unveiled. Watch with dreaded fascination and fearful anticipation as Andrew’s granddaughters, Andrea and Jordana Rush, become entwined in the sinister secrets of their family’s past.

These twin’s are enough to make any parents proud. Laural and Jordan Rush revel in the joy of their daughter’s accomplishments. Jordana has grown into a gregarious and stunning young woman with aspirations of becoming a television evangelist while her equally beautiful and brilliant sister Andrea studies to become a history professor.

The past however is not for the faint of heart—at least not when it involves the ancestors of the Gabriels. What hidden history is about to be revealed? What shocking revelations embroil the twins in a life and death battle against their own legacy? What shameful secrets are about to fall from the family tree?

With the entry of several new characters and a historical twist to an ancient vampire legend this fourth novel in the Vampire Royalty series is bound to keep the reader hanging on the edge of their seat in suspense and terror until the very last page.

Race against time with Laural Gabriel and Jordan Rush as they battle to keep the dreams of porphyrian assimilation into diurnal society from being destroyed.

Thirty years after the death and destruction of everything they hold dear the daughter and best friend of Andrew Gabriel have taken his aspirations of species integration to a whole new level. They have expanded the Willow Grove Foundation to Europe and are determined to wipe out the cancerous growth of infiltrators loyal to the cause of Craven Maxwell.

But how far are they willing to go to put an end to the Maxwell legacy? Will Jordan have to kill his own son in order to save humanity? Or have the schemes of the Maxwell heir already gone too far?

Laural and Jordan must face their deepest fears and tragic pain in order to halt a plot even more sinister and ingenious then Craven Maxwell ever imagined.

This third sequel in the "Vampire Royalty" series will captivate the reader with the same spine tingling excitement and plot twists fans have come to expect and enjoy.

Re-join Andrew Gabriel two decades after the cataclysmic demise of his evil half-brother-Craven Maxwell. In this spell-binding sequel to "Vampire Royalty: The Rebellion", Andrew Gabriel, Marquis of Penbrook, has re-built the aspirations of his people which were all but destroyed by Craven's demented schemes to annilate humanity.

Andrew, along with his wife, Victory, life long friend, Jordan Rush, and Jordan's fiancee, Dana Maqxwell have built new hope for the future over the ashes of their archenemies battlefield. The promise of a new age of assimilation is born in the Willow Grove Foundation, an agency designed to assist porphyrians with the integration into diurnal society.

Can Andrew Gabriel and his loved ones finally put the terrors of the past to rest in favor of a brighter future? When Victory delivers a baby daughter the future seems full of promise.

However, the past is not that easily laid to rest. Sabotoge betrayal and murder cause Andrew to re-examine the foundation of his beliefs as his darkest fears are resurrected.

Join Andrew Gabriel as he races against time to save the people he loves and the dreams they share from a past that is as traumatic as it is terrifying.

Andrew Gabriel was awakened from his catatonic slumber by the fragrance of love's passion lost long ago. Andrew's diabolical half brother, Craven Maxwell, politically manipulates his way into the White House. It is Andrew's fear that this most evil and cunning predator, may gain access to the highest authority, using his position to dominate America and eventually, the world.

Andrew's odyssey into the world of politics, forgotten and renewed love and passion is hindered by Craven's thirst for power and sadistic scheme to revive his hidden and dark practices. Both Andrew and Craven are what legend refers to as Vampires. Both Andrew and Craven come from the same unholy disposition, the place that allows them to function for hundreds of years, maintaining the illusion of assimilating into humanity while walking a fine line between their need for life sustaining nutrients and their suppliers. Andrew is compelled to purify his people while protecting his race and humanity from the corruption of Craven's absolute supremacy.

Andrew is the only one with the power to put an end to Craven's depraved schemes. Craven, however, has no compunction about using Andrew's one vulnerability against him - his new found love.

Despite going blind due to retinal detachments at the age of nineteen, Valerie Hoffman pursued her education and attained her doctorate in 1977. As a psychotherapist, she currently has a thriving private practice with two offices. Dr. Hoffman is the vice president of the National Board of Forensic Evaluators, a division of Hoffman Institute in Daytona Beach, Florida. She has served on the board of directors of the Center for the Visually Impaired since 2003.